Will Graphene Replace Silver?

Graphene is a material that has been the subject of much scientific study in recent years due to its remarkable properties. This single-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice pattern has high electrical conductivity and a number of other desirable properties. This has led to speculation that graphene could replace silver in certain applications. In this blog [...]

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Will Tesla use graphene batteries?

Will Tesla use graphene batteries? With the world slowly transitioning into a cleaner and greener way of life, companies are taking the initiative to adapt their products to meet the demand for sustainability. Tesla Inc. is one of those companies keeping up with the change and is slowly improving their vehicles to make them more affordable to reach the masses. [...]

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Solid State Battery Stocks

Solid State Battery Stocks Recently, more and more solid state battery stocks started to appear on the market. These seem very appealing, especially when you think about fossil fuels and their dwindling prices. It makes a lot of sense to focus on the future and growth, and the reality is that solid state battery stocks can be a way to [...]

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How to detox graphene oxide from the body?

How To Become Rich in Graphene? How to detox graphene oxide from the body? Dealing with graphene oxide often can be very dangerous and it’s quite common for a lot of people to deal with this type of issue more often than not. The truth is that graphene oxide can be very problematic and it can affect your lungs, not [...]

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Is graphene harmful to the human body?

Is graphene harmful to the human body? Most carbon nanomaterials are based on graphene variations. And the reality is that graphene is great, you can roll it, wrap or stack it to form graphite if you want. This is the type of material that can be great when it comes to industrial processes and also tech in general. It’s also [...]

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What is graphene oxide used for?

What is graphene oxide used for? Graphene oxide has taken the rounds within the industry over the past few years, thanks to its unique innovations and powerful features. The reality is that more and more businesses are trying to implement graphene oxide because it has a variety of great benefits and solutions. It really helps push the limits while also [...]

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